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White porcelain ware and wood-fired pottery

Jars & Sculptures

hand-built or thrown wood-fired forms

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Professional wheel-throwing training

This 8-month training will allow you to know how to create any type of pieces on the wheel, to be able to produce in series and thus be able to respond to orders as a wheelthrower. This formula also includes glazing classes, and hand-building training for a period of one month given by professionals in these disciplines.

Beyond learning the gestures and technique of wheelthrowing, the focus will be on a search for personal design to allow the student to leave the training with a first line of marketable ceramics.

Training days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 17h - From November to end of June
location: Rue de la Victoire 102, 1060 St-Gilles in Ma. Art space
Teacher: Théo Michel (throwing), guest teachers in glaze and handbuilding.


D'une durée de 8 mois cette formation de tournage vous permettra de savoir créer tout type de forme sur le tour, de pouvoir produire des pièces en série et ainsi être capable de répondre à des commandes en tant que tourneur/tourneuse. Cette formule comprend également une formation d'émail, de chimie des émaux ainsi que de modelage d'une durée d'un mois donné par des professionnels de ces disciplines.

L'apprentissage du tournage passera par la répétition de formes tournées avec une montée en poids graduelle au cours des semaines.
Au delà de l'apprentissage des gestes et de la technique du tournage en série, l'accent sera porté sur une recherche de forme personnelle afin de permettre à l'élève de quitter la formation avec une première ligne de céramique commercialisable.

Jours de formation : Lundi, Mardi et Jeudi de 9 à 17h - De novembre à fin Juin
lieu : Rue de la Victoire 102, 1060 St-Gilles à Ma. Art space
Professeur : Théo Michel (tournage), intervenants extérieurs en émail et modelage.


Berlin - July 13th & 14th 2023 - 320€

During this two days workshop you will learn how to create every part of a wheel-thrown functional tea pot. We will start on Saturday morning with the creation of bodies and then later on during the afternoon with lids, spouts and handles…
Sunday program will be trimming and then composition of the tea pots.

Good to know : Every exercise of this workshop will be taught and made on the potter’s wheel.
In this workshop you will also learn how to throw off the hump or discover new ways to stick and trimm on the wheel, on Sunday.
A special focus on non-dripping and well pouring tea pot will be given.
Different possibilities of lid, lid nesting as well as weight of clay for the main body will be proposed accordingly to the level and the wishes of the practitioner.
As we will make several samples of each tea pot parts, it may allow us to come back with several tea pots at the end of the workshop.


Berlin - July 27th & 28th 2023 - 320€

Learn how to throw higher whilst using less material step by step.

In this weekend masterclass, we will work with weights from 800g to 1.2kg according the level of the participant and learn how to throw pieces with long neck and tall body.

✺ On Saturday afternoon (15-19h), we will throw cylinders. Starting with a known/non-challenging weight of clay, trying to pull up the clay from the bottom reaching evenness of thickness and finish with too thick bases. Working on a defined shape will help us to reach a higher level of precision. 

We will also work on spouts and bottlenecks thrown off the hump.

✺ Come on Sunday (10-17h) with your own model of vase or bottle. Different shapes and techniques will be shown to reach your objective. A simple vegetarian lunch will be provided at the studio.

Théo Michel is a ceramist from the french Alps, based in Brussels. His exploration of ceramic began in a potter's village in 2017 in France. There, he learned the ancestral art of throwing on the wheel at EMA-CNIFOP and got interested in wood-firing (Anagama, phoenix kilns). His path led him from France to England and Belgium to learn more about fire-arts. In December 2018 he started a few months ceramic's residency in Brussels where he teaches now ceramic and gives master classes of wheel-throwing (Belgium, France and India.)
Théo Michel est un céramiste Français originaire des Alpes et basé à Bruxelles. Il apprit le travail de l’argile sur le tour de potier en 2017, à l'EMA-CNIFOP (France). Puis diversifia son savoir-faire, dans les arts du feu, la cuisson au bois (Anagama, Phénix) ainsi que le travail du métal auprès de plusieurs artistes et céramistes en France, Angleterre et Belgique.
En décembre 2018 il réalise une résidence en céramique de plusieurs mois à Bruxelles où Il enseigne à présent la céramique et donne des master classes de tournage (Belgique, France et Inde.)

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